TCR2A Transformer

Building Top-Tier Transformers

P.M. Transformers has manufactured medium voltage current and instrument transformers for protection and metering purposes since 1970. The transformers are manufactured to meet the physical and electrical specifications required by the customer and consulting engineers.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Applications

  • Power stations, Substations and Switchgear Applications

We offer custom built replacement transformers for refurbishing hydroelectric power stations at competitive prices. Our trademark is our standard in producing quality products, offering you high performance and efficient current transformers.

ISO Certification

P.M. Transformers is assessed and certified, meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. We have been certified since 1990 and, by its quality system, TPM commits itself to contribute to its success and the success of its clients, by offering personalized products through continual improvements.

  • Registered since Mai 2010

  • Audited by SGS System Certification

Our Warranty

For a period of two year, P.M. Transformers warrants it’s product against defects in material or workmanship when handled, installed and operated. Our team understands your expectations of high standards in purchasing, production and packaging.

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